Jodi’s Sweat Success Story


We can spend all day telling you how great Carolina Sweat is, but hearing it from our members is far more compelling! We’re excited to share Jodi’s story today and hope you’ll be inspired by the changes she experienced from consistent hard work and determination! Congratulations Jodi Sapusek Fairbanks. We love having you as a part of our community!
In October 2015 while having dinner at my friend Christina’s, she shared with me about the workouts and free child care at Carolina Sweat and asked if I would like to try it out with her. I was hesitant because I was so out of shape and honestly a bit depressed. I had always loved working out before kids. It was part of my life. Getting pregnant and having a job where I was on my feet all the time doing hair enabled me to fall out of the routine. Then we had my son Max and he really threw us for a loop. He was sick a lot and was a horrible sleeper. I was stressed and tired, and I knew it was time for some changes. I decided to stop working to be home with the kids, and I found myself at the YMCA a lot. It was great, but I found myself doing quick cardio workouts then sitting and drinking coffee in peace! I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and wanted more. So, when Christina asked me to go with her I knew it was what I needed to do! And I’m so glad I did.When I had tried getting into a workout routine previously I knew I was setting myself up to fail. I would try and change everything at once and I would become overwhelmed. So, this time I wanted to do it differently. Once I tried Carolina Sweat I was sold. The trainers were all amazing! Workouts changed daily so it never got boring. They would give me modifications in the beginning when there were things I couldn’t do. It was 45 minutes of intense workouts. I signed up for the 6 months, and decided to make it my goal to be at the gym 2-3 days a week. And I was not changing my diet! Just going to work out. My plan worked and my 2-3 days became 4-5 days a week. I was hooked.

We did a BMI screening called inBody from Nutrishop. There was 2 months between checking our numbers and in that time I lost 0 lbs, but 1.3% body fat. This is when I threw out my scale. It was proof that what I was doing was working! I was invited to one of the Nutrition meetings. The meeting gave us lunch ideas for kids and shared recipes. It reminded me that working out is great but diet is 70-80% of keeping our weight in check!!! So keep your eating clean. It made me more aware of what I was eating and how I shopped at the grocery. To be honest this is still a work in progress, We love food and the socializing that goes around it. So, this is a weekly struggle for me but I have come a long way! The best part of being more aware is the conversations between my daughter and I. Our kitchen dialogue is much different. She will ask, “mom is this a protein”? She wants to know what’s healthy. So now she points out what’s good for her and going to make her body strong.

I could not be happier with the Carolina Sweat Community. I look forward to working out each day with all of the amazing women here. I have always felt welcome and encouraged by the love and drive of each person here. It’s a group of women who truly care about each other. There is not a day I dread coming in. It’s not competitive, it’s just fun! Thanks to all the trainers for pushing us to be our best each day. I want you to walk away with this. Don’t focus on the scale. My scale hasn’t moved. But inches are gone. I have more Energy, Confidence, and I am happier, stronger. Be happy with the body God gave you. Do YOUR best! This journey doesn’t happen over night so take small steps and make reasonable goals. I am forever grateful for Carolina Sweat and helping me with my fitness goals.


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