Q  I am very out of shape, will I be able to do this?

A  Yes, every workout day is specifically designed for all fitness levels to ensure that everyone finishes the training.

Q  How long are the trainings?

A  All trainings are about 43 minutes.

Q  It’s my first time, what do I do?

A  See our class schedule on the Schedule Page. Select the location and time that works best for you. Show up 5 minutes before class starts, introduce yourself to the Wellness Coach, sign our waiver and you’re ready to go!

Q  What do I need when I show up?

A  You’ll want to wear light weight workout clothing and athletic shoes.  We recommend bringing a towel and water also.

Q  If I have a friend who wants to try it with me, may I bring them?

A  Of course! Everyone can workout with us for free on their first day. Simply direct them to one of our Trainers so we can meet them and have them sign a waiver.

Q  Is there an age limit on who can train?

A  Yes, clients must be 13 years old to be members and must have a parent sign a waiver to train.



Membership Accounts/Billing

Q  I love it and am ready to join! What do I do?

A  Let’s get you signed up as a member! Join Now you can sign up for our monthly auto-draft membership.

Q  What methods of payment may I use?

A  We ask for credit card payments only and gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Q: Who do I contact with questions regarding my account?

A: billing@carolinasweat.com

Q: I originally signed up for a 6-month contract. Do I need to sign up again if I want to continue my membership?

A: No, your auto draft will renew at the end of the 6 month period. You will continue to keep your original monthly rate.

Q: What happens if I have an injury and can’t workout?

A: We will cancel accounts without penalty for medical reasons with written documentation from a physician.  To cancel and to reinstate your account, email billing@carolinasweat.com. If you do not have a medical waiver, you may cancel your membership (see cancellation policy below) and rejoin at any time.

Q: I am pregnant and can’t workout. What happens to my membership?

A: First, congratulations on your new family member! We hope you have loved your membership with us and will want to continue after your baby arrives. When you need to discontinue, you may cancel your membership according to our regular cancellation policy. When you decide to rejoin, we will extend our lowest rate to you ($99/month)!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We require a 30 day written notice to billing@carolinasweat.com to cancel your membership. Members will be responsible for payment for the final 30 days and the payment is due immediately at time of membership termination. If the client cancels a membership before the initial six month contract is complete, the client will be responsible for 50% of each month still owed and that amount will be due immediately. Any owed payments will be automatically charged to the billing information on file.

Q: I would like to take advantage of your Free 10 Day Sweat and then purchase a Living Social or Groupon for another 30 days before I join. Is this ok?

A: We want to ensure you love us before you join! Our policy is to allow each person the opportunity to take advantage of one of our trial offers. Living Social and Groupon are considered one of these trials; our REAL42 is another. We ask that you select one of these to try us out before you decide. (If you have already purchased a Living Social or Groupon and want to join, please contact them and try to return it – they’re usually very good about that!)



Q When do you offer childcare?

A Free childcare is offered as part of your membership (6 Month Membership, Prepay, Month to Month Memership, REAL42) at the following lclass times:


Monday – Friday  

8:15am, 9:30am, 4:45pm


Saturday 7:30am, 9am

Q What do I need to know about childcare?

A See our childcare overview for more information.

Q I have additional questions or feedback about childcare. Who should I contact?

Please email billing@carolinasweat.com with your question and we will direct your questions accordingly.