Thank you for visiting Carolina Sweat we are excited to share more about our top rated fitness and nutrition program!

Founded with a vision of creating an environment that teaches how to be your best with fitness and nutrition while working in a safe, sustainable environment with specific  goals in mind.   Our Sweat System of Success is a total wellness solution designed with each individual in mind as a way to maximize their personal long term health.  This system was created on three principles which make up a philosophy that suits everyone, regardless of where they are in their health.  So whether you’re new to  fitness and nutrition or have been living a healthy lifestyle the Sweat System of Success is right for you!

So what are the three principles?

Body:  Is made up of nutrition and exercise.  The most important part of living a healthy life starts with how we eat, and the nutrition we feed our body.  Your wellness coach will help you design a meal plan that suits both your lifestyle and your families needs.  Exercise is something that help in many aspects of your life, your body wants to be pushed to become efficient and healthy in all aspects, the Sweat Superset System incorporates many different styles of fitness and is proven to build muscle decrease fat, build mental confidence and reduce daily stress.

Breath: Oxygen is the most important energy source there is for humans.  The Sweat system teaches you how tobreathe efficiently during your fitness, synchronizing each movement with your breath.  This helps to increase endurance, lift heavier weight, move quicker, metabolize and burn fat faster and most importantly reduce daily stress.

Balance:  Is the center of our philosophy and ties everything we do together.  Balancing family, work, personal life and fitness is the key to total wellness, and our Sweat System Of Success will teach you to do just that!  We must find balance in everything we can in life.